Truck Driving Injuries

Under Iowa workers’ compensation law most of the injuries that occur to a truck driver while he is on the road will be considered to be a work injury which entitles the truck driver to work comp benefits.

Truck driving is very strenuous and dangerous work.  Truck drivers can be injured in a wide variety of ways, and many of the injuries are very serious.  Additionally, the legal issues surrounding work comp injuries to truck drivers are very complex.

We have added a new section to our website that discusses the many issues that come up in workers’ compensation litigation involving truck drivers, including:

  1. Causes of trucking injuries.


  1. Jurisdiction/where to bring a claim.


  1. Compensation benefits under Iowa law.


  1. Weekly work comp rate for truck drivers.


  1. Determining whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor.

You can see our new section on work comp claims involving truck drivers here.