We have added a new section to our website that covers trials in Iowa work comp cases.  The section talks about how our lawyers handle the major recurring issues in Iowa work comp trials, that include:

  1. Was there an employer-employee relationship?
  2. Did the worker sustain an injury which “arose out of and in the course of” employment?
  3. Was the employer given timely notice of the work injury and was a workers’ compensation petition filed within the necessary time limits?
  4. What is the value of an injury to a scheduled member?
  5. What is the value of an industrial disability injury?
  6. Is the employee entitled to additional healing period benefits?
  7. What is the correct weekly workers’ compensation rate?
  8. Has the employer paid for all of the medical care?
  9. Is the employer entitled to any credits against the trial award?
  10. Taxation of costs.

You can look over our new section on Iowa work comp trials here.