Settlements In Iowa Workers’ Compensation Cases

A large percentage of Iowa work comp cases go to trial.  However, many cases are resolved through settlement negotiations.

The Iowa law concerning work injury settlements is fairly complicated.  We have added a new section to our website that talks about many of the factors to consider and the special issues that come up in settlements including:

  1. The two main categories of settlement in Iowa work comp cases are called open file settlements or closed file settlements. The new section discusses the differences between these types of settlements and the pros and cons of each settlement.


  1. The new section also talks about partial commutations which are a type of settlement that allows a worker to receive a larger lump sum settlement payment rather than a series of smaller weekly checks.


  1. An explanation of how an injured worker who has settled his case can take action to receive additional compensation if his injury gets worse.


  1. In some very severe work comp cases the injured worker also qualifies for Social Security Disability. There are special laws that can limit the total amount of Social Security Disability and workers’ compensation benefits that a worker can receive.  However, if special settlement terms are used this reduction of on an injured worker’s total recovery can be reduced or eliminated.


  1. In some workers’ compensation cases Medicare Set Asides have to be set up as part of the settlement to make sure that a worker receives future medical care for his injuries.

You can see our new section on Iowa Workers’ Compensation Settlements here.